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Virtual Challenge


Pragmatic Solutions


2020 - present


Complete identity, branding, marketing, web design


Virtual Challenge is an innovative project that offers a diverse range of sports challenges on its web portal. After successful completion, the athlete receives a unique medal, while part of the entry fee is dedicated to supporting the Slovak Paralympic team. Project Virtual Challenge represents our professional skills, where we designed medals for 39 different challenges, created a practical and clear web portal, processed many orders and created dozens of online posts, videos and articles. The project is supported by several partners, while we managed to collect more than 2300 euros to support the Paralympians. 

As a trained product designer, I was very happy to take on the opportunity to design rewards for athletes in the form of medals. Creating a scalable series and finding a suitable supplier who could turn the 3D model into reality was a challenge, but we were happy to tackle it as a team. That's why I wrote the whole process from the design to the finished product in next blog.