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Who we are, what we are

We focus on the creation of graphic outputs and animations, but thanks to our experience in other areas, we can process a wide range of different and complex tasks.

As passionate admirers of digital media, we look forward to every creative challenge. We primarily deal with graphic design, animation, copywriting, voice acting, illustration, wrapping, web design or 3D modeling. However, we are also happy to engage in product design and prototyping.

This variety allows us to offer complex solutions even for more demanding projects.

The establishment of ZNOVA was the result of successful cooperation and satisfied clients. That's why we decided to offer our services and be an affordable solution for them.

Jan Telepovsky, ZNOVA, art director

Art director and creative with more than 10 years of experience in graphic and product design and animation. Thanks to his love of traveling, he is also engaged in photo and video processing. In addition to communication with clients, ideamaking and project management, he also deals with their executive. We always try to offer clients a suitable solution for their projects so that we can effectively help them achieve their goals. 

Ján Telepovský

Founder / art director


The name ZNOVA (again) was created during my studies, during a project focused on recycling and upcycling. Reused material thus represented its elementary basis. The basis, necessary for the creation of something new. ZNOVA presents a view of the project from a new angle. We improve, we innovate, but above all we create. We repeatedly embark on the creative process and invent something new. Again and again we return to the activities we like. 

Are you interested in our work?

If you also work in digital media and are looking for a team to work with, don't hesitate and text us.

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